My mother

My mother, May 2007 Last week my mother came from Spain to visit. She’s in her late 60’s and lives in Seville, Spain. She was very excited to return to the US to spend some time with her two grandchildren. My plan is to take several images of her, alone and also with the kids. She was kind enough to help me test some lighting ideas a couple of nights ago; most of the pictures weren’t that good because I was experimenting. At the very end of the session I took this image where she looks natural and beautiful. The original image has a bold warm red background, which I was testing for a shoot this Saturday with an African theme. I decided to convert to B&W and use a Platinum toning effect to add more elegance and simplicity to the image.


My studio

In case you’re wondering where I create my studio images, here is a picture of my garage converted temporarily into a studio. You can see seamless gray paper as well as a couple of lights. I normally use no more than three lights at the same time. The big white board on the left is a 4×8 foam core board that I use as a reflector. It takes me a while to set-up and tear-down, but I have enough space in the garage to do what I like to do. The only problem is that it’s not air-conditioned, so I am still wondering how I am going to work during the summer. Perhaps I will shoot on location more!

Pablo’s jump for the camera

Pablo jumping

Children are unpredictable, and they can jump! Here is a picture of my son Pablo in my home studio. He was really enjoying posing and going a little crazy in front of the camera. It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realize how high he was jumping! I’ve got a long way to go before I can approach Lois Greenfield, but it’s a start! 🙂 Pablo is going to be a wonderful model!

Stella’s portrait project completed!

 I have been working on the final project for my Portrait Photography course at the community college.  After changing direction a couple of times, I settled on doing a studio portfolio of my wife Stella.  I had originally planned to do more of a documentary, “lifestyle” collection of images, but we both enjoyed working in the studio and being creative with lights and clothing, so that’s what we ended up doing.   I have attached here a compcard that will take you to the images on my website.  I’d be interested in your feedback, especially your favorite image!

Shooting with Canming

I had a lot of fun on Saturday shooting with Canming, another friend of my wife’s  – she was a bit nervous about the session and didn’t really know what to expect. She had three different outfits, and we ended up with three looks that she liked – a classy one, a more upbeat business one and a casual one.  Overall I am pleased with the results, and she was really happy.  We even printed these three images 5×7 in. and she took them home to show to her husband.   We photographers have an important job  – to increase the level of self-confidence and happiness that people have!  Here is one of the images from the shoot – the others are here.

Worked hard this weekend!

I was busy shooting this weekend! On Saturday I friend of my wife’s came over for some pictures; later in the same evening Stella and I worked on my final project for Portrait Photography that I am taking at the community college.  It was exhausting but I am satisfied with the results.  You can see the results from the first session here, and my project on Stella here.

I am considering buying a large printer like the Epson 3800.   I love the prints that my Epson R800 produces, but they are small.   Local photo labs don’t do a good quality job, and using a pro lab like WHCC gets expensive for non-profit prints.  The 3800 is not cheap, but it’s a great printer – I will wait for my birthday 🙂


Spent time on Wed April 25th with Tanya S., a delightiful, charming woman.  I met Tanya and her husband Jody through Eugenio and Judy – a few weeks ago we went to a relatively new Spanish restaurant in Dallas named Sangria Tapas y Bar in the Knox/Henderson area.   I really enjoyed their company.   Last Wed I went to  their house to photograph Tanya at home.  Tanya’s hospitality was wonderful, and her home and the decor were outstanding.  The pictures are very nice – Tanya’s smile really lights up the images! Here is a sample below.   From a technical point of view this was my first “on location”  shoot with strobes – I made some mistakes and I learned a lot.   I am looking forward to doing a second session with Tanya and Jody in the future.