Welcome to my blog

Well, finally I made the time to get my blog set up. If Web 1.0 was all about static websites, Web 2.0 is all about shared content and communities. I created my first website at work back in 1994 – I saw incredible promise in what I saw – one of the first websites I visited in 1994 was the site for The Louvre Museum in Paris. I felt like I have the world at my finger tips!

Much has come and gone since then. These days I marvel at the power of the internet to create communities. I am fortunate to meet wonderfully helpful people online, at bulletin boards, all over the world – to have friends everywhere. I love it when online friendships or relationships become “real” – I ride my motorcycles with friends I have met online, I work with models and make-up artists I found online, I have worked with photographers that I met online. I love the intersection of the online world with the real world.