Session with Gina on Sunday

I had a photo session with Gena this past Sunday, 7/27.  We got together at the Makeup Academy studio and create some clean, casual images for my stock library.  She had nice, colorful outfits, which look very natural and fresh on a white background.  Julia from the Academy did the makeup and my wife assisted me.  I am pleased with the images – here is the set we used and one of the images from the session.

I enjoy shooting against a white background, which is sometimes tricky to do well on camera – fixing it later in photoshop is no fun. The most difficult technical complexity is getting a pure white background when doing full-body shots – next time I will try extra lighting on the reflective boards I use on the floor; this time I didn’t have enough light reaching it to achieve a white-without-details look. It takes more practice!

Gina was a joy to work with, she was very flexible on set, had a very slended yet curvy figure and a broad range of expressions to contribute to the images.

Studio set for Gena's session