Shooting on a white background

Last weekend I did a photo shoot for my stock library. I asked my wife Stella and her friend Holly to be manager types for me, and I shot against a white background. I enjoy the simplicity of isolated portraits. The lighting was conventional, with my Photoflex HalfDome Q39 softbox high and in front of the models. I used two monolights to light the white seamless paper independently and a fourth one with am umbrella as fill. The white background required some minor post-processing to get it to be completely white, it’s to be expected. The images are already available for sale on a microstock site and I hope they are good sellers.

Michelle was the makeup artist, and you can see her below working on Holly:

The images can be seen here. Here is an example of Holly looking like an accountant… and no wonder, she IS an accountant! 🙂


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