My digital workflow

My digital workflow  – This Powerpoint slide deck describes at a high level the set of steps I follow to process my digital images.   This is called a digital workflow, and is done on a computer.   I have enhanced it recenty after attending Jeff Locklear seminar at the Kerrville TPPA seminar.  If you’re trying to define your workflow, take a look and you may find a couple of helpful ideas.


Kerrville and jazz

I haven’t made an entry into my blog in some time! It’s July 1st and I am back from the Texas Professional Phtographers Kerrville Workshop. I really love the Hill Country and this seminar was excellent! I participated in two day-long seminars, plus a couple of mini-sessions. I was also exposed to the print competition and learned a few things about what it takes to win an award. I am thinking of submitting a print to the Dallas PPA later in the fall.

I also have done a couple of TFP shots in the last few weeks. One was with Cecile, a pretty girl from Cameroon, as part of my African series. The other was last Saturday with Marshall, and I am pleased with the results. In both cases I worked with Pam Reeder, a make-up artist, who came with her husband Don, a photographer himself.