Camille and her dogs

I had an opportunity to photograph my friend Camille and her two dogs near her house in Plano.   There is a pretty trail near her home and we went there to get some images.   I located this green space, canopied by mature trees with enough room for her to walk the dogs towards the camera.   I really liked the framing effect of the trees and the natural setting.   Here is one of the images from the session in this location:

Camille and her dogs

Camille and her dogs


Photographing friends at home

Stella invited some friends over on Saturday to watch the Olympic games and have a potluck dinner.  I set up a small studio to create portraits for fun.   I used a large 8×4 ft foam board “book end” with a large Photoflex softbox and a white reflecting umbrella as fill.  The board ended up being too small for families, but I didn’t feeel like hanging seamless paper and deal with that for just fun portraits.  Overall the images are cute, spontaneous for the most part.  I have attached one here below,  Alan – I loved his pose and decided to give it a modern look – you can see the rest of them here.

A portrait of Alan

A portrait of Alan

The post-processing for this  image was done using a special setting of the Portraiture Photoshop plug-in, and then adding a vignette.  I also did a bit of desaturation to add a more interesting and contemporary look.

Session with Gina on Sunday

I had a photo session with Gena this past Sunday, 7/27.  We got together at the Makeup Academy studio and create some clean, casual images for my stock library.  She had nice, colorful outfits, which look very natural and fresh on a white background.  Julia from the Academy did the makeup and my wife assisted me.  I am pleased with the images – here is the set we used and one of the images from the session.

I enjoy shooting against a white background, which is sometimes tricky to do well on camera – fixing it later in photoshop is no fun. The most difficult technical complexity is getting a pure white background when doing full-body shots – next time I will try extra lighting on the reflective boards I use on the floor; this time I didn’t have enough light reaching it to achieve a white-without-details look. It takes more practice!

Gina was a joy to work with, she was very flexible on set, had a very slended yet curvy figure and a broad range of expressions to contribute to the images.

Studio set for Gena's session


Shooting on a white background

Last weekend I did a photo shoot for my stock library. I asked my wife Stella and her friend Holly to be manager types for me, and I shot against a white background. I enjoy the simplicity of isolated portraits. The lighting was conventional, with my Photoflex HalfDome Q39 softbox high and in front of the models. I used two monolights to light the white seamless paper independently and a fourth one with am umbrella as fill. The white background required some minor post-processing to get it to be completely white, it’s to be expected. The images are already available for sale on a microstock site and I hope they are good sellers.

Michelle was the makeup artist, and you can see her below working on Holly:

The images can be seen here. Here is an example of Holly looking like an accountant… and no wonder, she IS an accountant! 🙂

My digital workflow

My digital workflow  – This Powerpoint slide deck describes at a high level the set of steps I follow to process my digital images.   This is called a digital workflow, and is done on a computer.   I have enhanced it recenty after attending Jeff Locklear seminar at the Kerrville TPPA seminar.  If you’re trying to define your workflow, take a look and you may find a couple of helpful ideas.

Kerrville and jazz

I haven’t made an entry into my blog in some time! It’s July 1st and I am back from the Texas Professional Phtographers Kerrville Workshop. I really love the Hill Country and this seminar was excellent! I participated in two day-long seminars, plus a couple of mini-sessions. I was also exposed to the print competition and learned a few things about what it takes to win an award. I am thinking of submitting a print to the Dallas PPA later in the fall.

I also have done a couple of TFP shots in the last few weeks. One was with Cecile, a pretty girl from Cameroon, as part of my African series. The other was last Saturday with Marshall, and I am pleased with the results. In both cases I worked with Pam Reeder, a make-up artist, who came with her husband Don, a photographer himself.

Tamara and Africa

Tamara as a drummerOn Saturday May 26th I invited a local aspiring model, Tamara, and a make-up artist, Toby, to create some images with an African theme. It was Tamara’s first time doing studio modeling, although she had done runway before. She came with Kris, her boyfriend, a really nice guy and a terrific designer. We all enjoyed the collaboration and we ended creating some pretty cool shots. You can see them here. Tamara and Toby have portfolios on – cool site where photographers, models, MUA’s and other professionals network and have fun.